Akai BT500 Review & Guide - Professional Turntable [2020]

Akai BT500 Review & Guide – Professional Turntable [2020]

Are you tired of surfing various websites and still not getting to know much about Akai BT500 Review?

In this comprehensive guide, we will help you understand why this product is not just a premium professional belt-drive turntable but a beast in the same category. 

We liked Akai BT500 the most for its super classy looks and jaw-dropping features in the price range, which makes it completely premium and unique. 

Why you should trust us? 

As the lead writer of many vinyl records, I’ve spent more than 82 hours trying and testing vinyl record players, turntables and reviewing them is one of my life’s passion. 

I’ve been reviewing this drill for this Akai Bt500 Review Guide for a long time.

I researched more than a dozen articles and read 10+ interviews like the Wirecutter, Vinyl Records, Turntable Reviews and many more. 

I asked them all kinds of questions to understand the way one can provide you with the best review for Akai BT500 professional belt-drive turntable review and buying guide

Some of the questions that we will cover in this article are?

  1. Why one should buy Akai BT500 when there are many others in the market?
  2. What are the benefits of buying Akai products over others?
  3. What are the parameters that help separate a great turntable from an okay turntable?

Additionally, I talked to our staff about the best professional belt-drive turntable they loved, the qualities they looked for, and the ways they used these record players. 

Introduction Akai BT500 Review

Vinyl is quite popular in today’s modern times as well and so are turntables. In this guide, we have reviewed the Akai BT 500 that allows all its users to play their favourite music records on the go. 

The HiFi and single plug-play features add extra beauty to this beast which is just mesmerizing. 

Although there has not been much crisscross between various music technology startups and HiFi tech features, there has been a huge increase in the overall popularity of vinyl records in the music industry. 

Assume, you want to play a vinyl record and now you are wiring your turntable device to connect it to some external music device for doing HiFi set up in the home. 

This is always in competition with many USB supported turntable devices but that too comes at a price. Even if the price is low, then be assured that you have compromised on the quality of the record player.

After the successful release of Akai BT100, the company has come up with the higher-end variant of the same i.e. the AKAI BT500 version. 

People who are in search of a modern audiophile for a very long time, this is a must thing for you. The finishing of the turntable compliments the metal crafting that is just extraordinary. 

It is just the perfect mix of old traditional and new modern turntable thereby making a perfect blend for the new markets and old generations. 

If you just want to feel the pride of having a bulky turntable device at your home or if you wish to use it just as home décor, then it will work both ways. 

Why it is great – Akai BT 500 Turntable 

If you have used a turntable in the past, then you must be knowing that with all turntables there is some initial setup required that is not very difficult to attain. Some of the critical tweaks to be done are listed below for your reference;

  1. Connecting the tonearm, platter and the belt drive in the turntable. 
  2. Making and setting up of weight and balance of the turntable. 

The overall assembly setup does not take much of our time and can be easily achieved within 10 minutes after reading the guide carefully. 

All you have to think after the setup is done. Is about the kind of sound you want to come out of the turntable. 

There is a front panel that has a volume controller for users ease and convenience. All you got to do is attach the headphones via the 3.5 mm headphone jack in the device that helps you with easy connectivity. 

The headphones can even reveal all the bodily distinctions of a needle playing in a groove.

If you are a millennial and have been using MP3 music from a very long time, then this device might completely surprise you. Don’t be surprised, just enjoy the quality music and have a great experience. 

There is another option of wireless connectivity wherein you can simply stream the music of your choice via the Bluetooth. 

When our testers tried how fast the Bluetooth connected, we were completely taken by a blow. We turned both the devices and discoverable and to our surprise, the device connected in the first attempt itself. 

One thing that we observed in the user manual was that there was no explicit mention of connecting devices via the Bluetooth, which was kind of a no-no for us. 

However, a little bit digging into AKAI we got to know that they only suggest users connect via Bluetooth only if the device supports A2DP streaming protocol.

Although these features are available in most of the expensive turntables but that is not the necessary criteria for buying. You must buy it because it meets your set rules and requirement criteria. 

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Review Akai Professional BT500 

If you wish to connect the turntable to any external devices like speakers or amp or any other 3rd part device, then you can make use of the phono outputs present on the rear edge of the turntable. 

To connect in via any traditional medium, then the users can make use of the preamp on/off feature that gives a great experience of usage to the users. 

Apart from all this, there is always a USP port that can easily connect with your MAC or Computer devices and gets connected to the PC speakers just like any studio monitor. 

You can either make use of many free music applications available online Logic etc. or there is an additional software called the EZ converted that helps to convert and play music very easily and conveniently. 

The main logic behind this is that you can easily digitize all your vinyl record and use them later, once they get stored to some remote location like a cloud etc. 

The Akai BT 500 turntable is a perfect device that has been successful in connecting the gap between traditional and digital music consumers. 

One fact that none of us could ignore is that there is no way by which we could avoid the quality of music that comes out of vinyl records. The sound is melodious, warm and touches the soul very smoothly.

If it had the feature to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices, then that would have been beneficial for the users.

  • The design is very simplistic and elegant that gets a perfect blend of wood and metal in one single turntable.
  • The wireless connectivity feature via the Bluetooth device is just awesome for a product at this price range.
  • The setup is very easy and can be done completely within 5 minutes. Make sure you read the installation guide before beginning with the setup.
  • The build quality is extremely fantastic and therefore it can be used just for home décor if nothing else because of the pride associated with the product.
  • The turntable bridges the gap between traditional and modern users by combining old methodologies with modern technologies.
  • The streaming capability of the turntable is very limited as it can be connected to only a few Bluetooth devices.
  • The software that comes with the turntable only offers very basic features which many freely available software’s have also to offer. The software should be upgraded to offer high-end features to the users.
  • Our testers felt that the AKAI has focused a lot on the design and little improvement in the overall specifications and features are missing somewhere.
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Features of Akai BT500 Audiophile

All the features of the exclusive Akai BT500 have been listed and explained here for you to help make a quick decision on why you should get this beat in your home.

1. Style with the Audiophile Performance

The Akai Professional BT500 belt-drive turntable is a beautifully designed premium turntable that can extract all the musical details without any noise or unwanted sounds coming in between your experience. 

If you think of any possible audiophiles features, you will find in this beast and that too at such an affordable price. 

  1. It has a quiet belt drive mechanism with a motor that is completely isolated from the system.
  2. A non-slip rubber mat along with a very heavy aluminium plate has been incorporated in the instrument for the great experience. 
  3. To reduce the impact of noise, it has an adjustable counterweight along with a very lightweight tonearm for long term durability and support. 
  4. To add everything, the wireless Bluetooth connectivity works perfectly with this device. 

2. The EZ Vinyl Conversion Software for Turntable

The Akai BT500 review cannot be completed without the EZ software that the company has to offer to the users for advanced control and greater comfort. Some of its common features are;

  1. A/D 16-bit 44.1 kHz or 48kHz selectable.
  2. Supports the following operating systems like Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.
  3. Following versions are pre-built with it like OS X 10.5 to 10.10.x.

3. Streaming via wireless connectivity 

In the review of Akai BT500, the best highlight is the super-smart wireless connectivity feature that this record player has to offer with the speed. 

With this feature, you can for once and for the last place the recorded wherever it fits the best and then play your favourite vinyl record wirelessly. 

Thus, it becomes extremely convenient for users to play their favourite music online without moving between places. 

4. Gorgeous Build Superiority

The BT500 turntable by Akai has one of the best build qualities that one could get in a turntable at this price range. 

The turntable is the perfect amalgamation of the walnut design with metallic finishing. 

Thus, this robust design and beautiful design attracts the user’s attention and they just can’t take their eyes off this masterpiece. 

5. Suitable Networks

If you are into turntable industry, then you must be knowing the importance of the connections and connectivity features. 

This turntable offers both wireless and wired connectivity with the help of many audio jacks and USB connection ports. 

The RCA output enables the users to make connections with the external sources without any delays and lags. 

All these features give the users a better experience so that they can play their favourite vinyl records hassle-free and quietly. 

6. Super-Duper Features 

A high-torque, isolated DC motor drives the die-cast platter, and the adjustable feet and levelling bubble let you keep it stable.

Thus these additional small connections help the turntable be stable for a very long time and can, therefore, be used extensively by the users. 

Akai BT500 Review of Design and Performance 

Price, Quality, Design and Performance are some of the common criteria on which our testers have tested the very popular Akai BT 500 turntable for vinyl records. 

With no second thoughts, we can say that one can place this turntable in their homes as this will only add to the room décor and design. 

It is as sophisticated and uncluttered as it gets, with a smooth walnut surface and fleecy aluminium panels, which are kept to a minutest to avoid the mess. 

However, this modest plan does mean you are a slight partial when it comes to having controls over the device or the instrument.  

It comes with a speed knob and starts/stops adjustment accessible up top, whereas volume and Bluetooth panels are inconspicuously concealed on the forward-facing end.

The BT500 is not destined for the execution of a creative musician. 

Instead, Akai has taken their stretch inputting collected a fabulous record player for the unplanned audiophile. 

At 16lbs it’s not excessively weighty but the robust adaptable rubber bases will be more than sufficient to save it stable and indwelling.

With such an unpretentious strategy and so much motivation on aesthetics and landscapes, the presentation of the BT500 does suffer a bit. 

This turntable skins a belt-driven motorized, which is well and will effort agreeably for unintentional snooping, but at this value, it would have been nice to see straight drive instead. 

You are also restricted to just 2 RPM speeds – 33 and 45 RPM – which should be fine for the unplanned handler. 

The tonearm is agreeably completed, with a bright aluminium shape and is fully modifiable, with an on-board flattening bubble for augmented correctness.

What are the different ways to connect Bluetooth device with BT500?

The Akai BT500 review cannot be done without explaining the proper steps of connecting the instrument to a Bluetooth device wirelessly. Therefore, in this guide we have listed the best practices to achieve the same.

Step 1: Turn on the speaker that has Bluetooth connectivity feature enabled. Mark unquestionable that the 3rd party device is in pairing mode.

Step 2: Head towards the BT500 turntable and make sure that the device is turned on. 

Step 3: Navigate to the Bluetooth button and press it to start the pairing process with the external devices. 

Step 4: To confirm if the 3rd party is connected via the wireless Bluetooth then you can check the solid blue line on the device. If it shows, solid blue colour then that means that both the devices are connected properly. 

Step 5: In case you have multiple Bluetooth devices in your home, make sure to turn off the remaining devices and just keep the one that you want to get connected to the turntable for wireless streaming. 

Also, it is better to place the device as close to the turntable as possible for faster pairing and connection setup. 

Step 6: Now, you are all ready to play your favourite music on the go without any issues with the play and pause buttons present on the turntable. 

Sometimes, the users face difficulty with this, in that case, they might need to long-press the button for it to start effectively. 

Step 7: You can gain full control of the volume either via the Bluetooth speaker or via the turntable itself by increasing or decreasing the volume with the buttons. 

Step 8: Done, playing the music and listening to your favourite audio vinyl records. Now, you can turn off the device by clicking on the Power OFF button on the device. 

In case, the device is not getting disconnected then all you need to do is to move the Bluetooth enabled speakers outside the range of the turntable and it will be automatically disconnected.

How to handle: Audio function not working even if the Bluetooth speakers are connected?

In this review of Akai BT500, we have though to give you a complete guide about the turntable and therefore we will help you resolve this problem as well. 

Many of the users have reported it to us that the audio is not audible to them even after successful connection and pairing of the Bluetooth speakers with the turntable. 

This might happen due to multiple reasons like;

  1. System misconfiguration.
  2. The speaker is too far from the range.
  3. Hardware or software issues with either of the devices. 

Follow the below-given steps to resolve such errors or issues;

1. In any situation if you wish to connect to a Bluetooth speaker in which the play or the pause options are not working or the audio is not coming out of the device, then keep on trying and pressing the buttons again and again.

2. In case this doesn’t solve the problem then, press and discharge BT-500’s turntables wireless bluetooth device button to disconnect it from the 3rd party speaker, and then repeat the same process to connect it back. 

3. Finally, turn it off and reboot the device, to see if it is in working condition or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions by People (FAQs)

Some of the common questions that people ask are listed below for your reference. If you have any other question apart from those listed below, then do let us know.

How to explain the Bubble level in an Akai BT500 turntable?

The Bubble Level is used to ensure that in the BT500 turntable the device is always on the level surface. It is usually located under the platter for safety. 

What are the various accessories that are available with the BT500 turntable?

The list of accessories that are available with the Bt500 turntable are

45 RPM adapter

USB A to B cable

RCA Audio cables

DC 12v 500mA Power Adapter

½” mount universal headshell with AT95E Dual Magnet phono cartridge and .4 x .7 mil elliptical diamond stylus

Do chatterers come built-in with the turntables?

No, not all the turntables have built-in speakers and they need to be linked via any exterior port or device. Another way of doing this is by using amplifiers to connect outdoor devices or speakers.

Final Verdict – Akai BT500 Review (Professional Turntable)

In this article, we have listed the best possible review for the professional Akai BT500 Turntable that would not only be pocket friendly for you but will also give you a smoothening musical experience. 

I hope that you have found our comprehensive guide for turntables, really helpful and by now you must have added the turntable for vinyl of your choice to the cart. If not, then I encourage you to go for it now. 

If you still have any doubts or questions, then do let us know in the comment section below, so that we can help you out!

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